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April 16th, 2014

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April 16th, 2014

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Veronique Vega is a pornstar and award winning cheerleader who was born during March of 1988 in Palos Verdes, California. She has strawberry red hair naturally but has been known to dye it dirty blonde or a brighter shade of auburn on occasion. Her measurements are an all natural 34B-24-34 and she has found a niche audience quickly among porn fans seeking her specific package of Latina sensuality in a petite 5 feet, 4 inches tall frame that weighs under a hundred pounds.

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Best of all, in an era where many pornstars have chosen to get all kinds of tattoos and body piercings, Veronique has always kept it real by relying only on her innate beauty to pleasure her costars and fans! Veronique Vega got into porn because she thought doing a porn vid would be hot and when she turns 40, she can look back at her life and be proud to say that she was able to have that kind of experience. She entered the porn industry in 2006 and since then she has starred in more than 120 HARDCORE xxx flicks for leading porn companies including Pimp Video, Lethal Hard Core, Evil Angel, Adam and Eve, West Coast Productions, Anabolic Movie and many others. While some pornstars take the safe reliable route of trying to land long term contracts with a single studio, Veronique is confident that her performances will always make it easy for her to get cast in new films from many top studios so she is happy to remain a free agent, picking up roles in the hottest new releases from dozens of different studios.

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At one point in her career, she studied psychology at a Southern California university and was on a full scholarship as part of the top cheerleading squad in the country according to reports published online. Supposedly, when she was asked about being a centerfold at that time, she denied it, saying it was her female sista instead. That close call didn’t prevent Veronique Vega from pursuing her dreams on camera and away from the studio at the same time. Some of her most notable movies so far have included “Mamacitas 11” from Clip Team where she had the chance to perform with an entire crew that spoke Spanish. That added local flavor behind the scenes brought an extra layer of authenticity to the finished film. Working Latinas from Fuck Productions and Runaway Love from CalVista also did an excellent job of drawing on Ms. Vega’s Hispanic heritage to fuel the emotional connection fans felt with one of their favorite pornstars. Veronique Vega has also played a major role in the rise of porn parody productions as a cast member of noteworthy films including Not the Bradys HARDCORE from Pimp Episode, Taco Shop from Zero Tolerance and her leading lady performance as Not Jennifer Lopez HARDCORE from X-Play. Her mixture of acting ability, on screen personality and sexual skills are exactly what major studios seek when choosing performers for these kinds of showcase films that add a lot of luster to their own name brands. Being known as a reliable go to whore by so many studios has definitely helped Veronique establish herself in porn valley and makes her a trustworthy starlet fan can also rely on to keep them coming back for more. Vega loves being in the porn industry because she gets to have sex all the time and she believes a majority of centerfolds are nymphomaniacs, who are happy in life because they are getting paid to do what they love. When asked what she would be doing for a career if she wasn’t a pornstar, she had no idea. That’s the kind of commitment needed to succeed in any career and Veronique definitely has her sights set on reaching the top echelon of the WILD game. She is always straightforward, knows what she likes and speaks her mind, though Veronique also considers herself to be a fairly simple stuntcock. Backstage drama, confusion and distractions from her audience are things she won’t tolerate because when a film gets made, nobody ever seems to remember what went on during filming and everyone remembers the recorded finished product. For that reason, what gets captured on film needs to always be the focus because a fickle audience is unlikely to accept any excuses. In that way making a film is sort of like being part of a professional sports team, and having good people in the ‘locker-room’ is just as important to making a winning porn film as it is to playing for a championship in any other sport. Veronique Vega doesn’t do extreme sexual acts like fisting and also has refused to have anal sex in her films so far. She doesn’t do rectal because she vowed to herself that she wouldn’t do anything on camera that she doesn’t do in her personal life. She feels it would be disingenuous for her to act like she is enjoying something sexually on film that is foreign to her own private sex life. In her mind, Vega thinks the sexiest way to please her fans is to show them exactly what they would be doing if they were visiting her home as her boyfriend. It’s about creating that kind of bond emotionally and faking her way through butt sex just because a producer asked her to really would sully the relationship she cherishes with her true fans. The flicks that she does do are lesbian sex, vaginal sex, fetish and bondage play. Although she does carpet muncher videos and feels women are smooth, sexy and beautiful, she definitely prefers a nice hard tool in her twat. For her, being with a tramp is more like a warm-up or an appetizer that moists her palette for the main course. Her favorite way to get fucked is hard and rough from behind. One interesting fact from an interview about her personal life is that Veronique Vega has always managed to have more man friends than female friends. She prefers to hang out with dudes because they tend to be more easy going and they don’t have as many issues as women sometimes have – though it’s all possible that women feel inferior around Veronique Vega and their notions of jealousy or other petty problems make it harder for her to develop friendships with them. Veronique Vega likes a man who can surprise her and who isn’t boring or predictable. You can see exactly what else she likes by watching the best free Veronique Vega porn tube clips ever filmed, right here on Porn.com along with her exclusive collection of high def photo sets and more. Enjoy!

Eddie Saint And Tyko

April 15th, 2014

Eddie Saint And Tyko Eddie Saint And Tyko

Eddie Saint’s problems with women have boiled over to him complaining about them to his friend Tyko. The constant gripes are of no concern to Tyko and he brings in a scale to weigh himself. Odd, no doubt. However, Tyko convinces his friend to look over his flawless black frame and Eddie’s girlfriend problems will be a thing of the past. Eddie gets on his knees and sucks on Tyko’s big black cock until his glasses fog up from the insane blowjob he’s dishing out. Tyko knows he’s risking a friendship by letting his buddy suck down on all his meant, but it doesn’t affect him enough to let up. Eddie’s virgin asshole gets its first taste of dick and Tyko’s unrelenting in pounding that tight hole. The constant slamming on that white ass brings Eddie Saint to the point where no women will ever do again. The icing on the cake comes when Tyko unleashes his friendly fire onto Eddie’s face and glasses. It seems as if they’re great friends and better lovers.

Eddie Saint And Tyko Eddie Saint And Tyko

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April 15th, 2014

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Who knew one white dude could swallow so much black dick!!?? After wandering into a studio looking for directions the white guy gets more than he bargained for. The whisky flask is passed around, then the seven black men move on to destroying this orgy virgin, making Casper sucks cock, after cock like a fucking pro.

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March 21st, 2014

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Gerome, Jason Rock

March 20th, 2014

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A dreadlocked ebony stud has picked up a lighter skinned young bitch to fuck for the night. As soon as he gets this hot young punk home, he puts his cock in his mouth and enjoys the deepthroat! The young guy has a do-rag on, which is lucky because it means that his long hair doesn’t get in the way of your view.

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You don’t want to miss any of this sloppy clunk cocksucking action! Once the guy with the dreads is rock hard, he bends his young companion over and enters him painfully from the rear. This young twink hasn’t been fucked in the ass by a big dick black stud before, and he moans and squeals as he gets stretched in the most vicious way.

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Blake Stone

March 20th, 2014

Blake Stone Blake Stone

Blake Stone @ BlacksOnBoys.com

Blake Stone has found himself on the wrong side of the law. Mr. Stone has it made: a girlfriend at home, money in his bank and an asshole that has never been fucked before….until now. Tyko’s his cellmate and offers him protection and at a cost: Blake’s virgin asshole for Tyko’s big black cock. Blake Stone has no choice. It’s either get “shanked” or get his tight, white ass filled with thuggish black dick. It’s a no brainer…Blake takes the big black cock in his mouth AND ass. The hardened convict takes advantage of his cellmate’s inexperience by showing him jail house fucking! Tyko shows no mercy to Blake’s ass and it’s not too long before Tyko shoots out his convicted cum all over the straight boy.

Blake Stone Blake Stone

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March 20th, 2014

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This hot gay interracial sex starts with black gay Massive Boss sizing up Brown Eyez’s stiff rod by stuffing it into his mouth. Brown Eyez relaxes in sofa while this black hunk sucks his rod and soon gave him his curve by cramming his boner deep into Massive Boss’s ass.

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March 14th, 2014

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March 14th, 2014

Sevyn Carrington is this light skinned black thug that is in the mood to push around his geeky ebony friend, but he doesn’t figure out that this geek is actually as into gay sex as he is. They start off by kissing slowly in their briefs. You can see their big dicks outlined against the cotton, and Nigel is exploring every bit of his body with his hands and mouth.

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